Blackbox is a shipping company from the creators of Cards Against Humanity.

Now an AdMagic™ partner company.

Our mission is to help you sell and ship stuff directly to your fans for a fraction of the cost and effort of doing it yourself. Blackbox works like a co-op: if we all go in together, we get the cheapest pricing, the fastest shipping, and the best service.

The shipping is fast. We pay your sales tax. You can customize your packing slips. It’s pretty great. We think the future will favor independent creators selling their own products. In fact, we’re betting the company on it.

If you want to see how Blackbox works in action, you can order a press kit.

A booklet and some extra goodies, delivered to your door.

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Boxes Shipped Worldwide

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That's more boxes than most people have fingers!

Illustration of a matryoshka doll, a piece of key art for the game 'Monikers.'

Case Study


Monikers is one of our favorite party games, a modern take on Charades, by Alex Hague and Justin Vickers. Alex and Justin have created four Kickstarter campaigns to fund new Monikers expansions, and Blackbox has handled shipping and fulfillment so they don't have to think about it. We've shipped their games to over 5,000 backers all over the world.

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Ship with Blackbox

We charge simple rates based on an order's weight and item count for most items, and for webstore orders, we add a 5% commission on the subtotal (for credit card fees and the like). Our rates include shipping, packaging, handling, and customer service, with a 100% delivery guarantee.

If you’ve got an awesome project to share, simply fill out this form. Our accounts team will contact you.

Hey there! Blackbox is happy to hear from you. We’re receiving a lot of emails right now, and we will be in touch in a couple of weeks. Watch this video in the meantime.

Please note Blackbox is not a manufacturer; we handle shipping and logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackbox?

Blackbox is a shipping company for crowdfunded campaigns and independent artists. Blackbox lets creators focus on making new stuff instead of doing boring things like printing shipping labels or packing boxes.

Is Blackbox right for me?

Maybe you're planning a Kickstarter campaign and you need to figure out how to ship rewards to your backers (and how much to charge). Or maybe you have a project that's outgrown your garage. Reach out to Blackbox, send us your stuff, and we'll take it from there. Then go back to the important part: making your next thing.

Additionally, we have an online sales process through our Blackbox Buy Button. We take care of everything that happens after your customers click the “buy” button… the checkout process, credit card processing, customer service, and the worst part, the actual shipping. We'll even pay your sales taxes for you.

What's special about Blackbox?

Many businesses ship things for you. Most of them compete on price and volume. Blackbox is designed around artists with a different philosophy: Quality and simplicity are more important than saving a few pennies on shipping. Our price includes the beautiful Blackbox checkout button, our real-time dashboard, and our dedicated customer support team.

How do I use Blackbox to sell stuff?

You make an account with Blackbox, and then we generate a little “buy” button that you can copy and paste onto whatever website you want. Customers check out without ever leaving your page.

How do I use Blackbox to fulfill a Kickstarter campaign?

Ideally, working with Blackbox is part of the planning process for your Kickstarter. We prefer to meet with clients before their campaign launches, but we work with people at every stage of the Kickstarter process. If you're managing an active campaign or planning to launch within six months, please use this form to reach out to us.

We'll help you generate a shipping estimate for backers, and if your campaign is successful, we'll work with you to get rewards to your backers. Blackbox ships worldwide and has fulfilled the largest Kickstarter campaigns in history.

I could use some advice on my Kickstarter project.

We're sharing what we know in our new Creator Handbook. Have a read and see what we've got so far.

How much does Blackbox cost?

Having Blackbox ship your stuff to customers is cheaper than doing it yourself. Blackbox works like a co-op of indie artists. If everyone pays for postage, warehouse space, and packaging themselves, the cost is very high. But if we all pool our resources, we're as big as any company purchasing at volume. This gives us access to the best rates with USPS and FedEx, leverage with warehouses, and great pricing on packing materials.

As a rule of thumb, it costs about $5 plus 5% retail price to ship one item that weighs one pound with Blackbox. That price is comprehensive and includes customer service, the Blackbox buy button, the real-time dashboard, and all of the other stuff we offer.

Where's my stuff being stored?

Blackbox has warehouses all around the world and we figure out where to put things on a case–by–case basis. It's our problem now.

If I go with Blackbox, can I still sell elsewhere?

Yes. We really could not care less.

How does this work with Amazon?

You're free to sell your stuff on Amazon. If you want us to prepare your inventory for Amazon, we can do that. Blackbox is also compatible with Amazon Exclusives (Exclusives allows you to sell on your own website).

You'll have to deal with Amazon yourself.

Whoa, that header animation is incredible.

Isn't it? Paul Robertson made it for us.